Our new Turvey Abbey website launches!


Websites are probably never quite finished, this one is now ‘good enough’ to replace the old one. I had expected the launch of the new website to be during Advent, I had the ‘Christmas Service Times’ page ready, but that was not to be.

Most of the pages are ready for photos in a right hand column, at the moment most of them don’t have any photos other than the picture at the top. The exception to this is the iconography page.

Most sections have been improved, others are on the waiting list. A location map in pdf format is now available, the same as the one on the archway wall—except for the ‘You are here’ arrow.

If you have any comments about this website, please contact us: info@turveyabbey.org.uk

Creating the Website

Websites these days need to be ‘responsive’, that means the layout changes according to the device you are using. The old website was actually semi-responsive, but you needed good eyes to read the menu.

Early last year I looked into updating the website and discovered that all you have to do is go to www.wordpress.com, choose a template and set up your website. Well, in translation that means: go to www.wordpress.com, choose a template that suits your needs from the thousands available, then learn how to use WordPress.

By the middle of the year I was wondering if was ever going to get going on a new website, when an organisation invited me to an event. Being out of touch with them, I looked at their website—and rather liked the layout, especially the menu bar. Looking at the small print at the bottom of the home page I discovered they had used a template called ‘Nirvana’. I thought that wasn’t a bad name to have at the bottom of the home page and decided to use it.

The next block to progress was trying to find how to use what I do know about setting up pages. Eventually I found out how to do it, and it was very obvious, so obvious that no one on the WordPress forum had answered my question because they couldn’t understand what the problem was. The website then began to take shape, and is still taking shape now.


Our first website was launched in 2004 (see screenshot above). It was set up using MS FrontPage, an app that could do all manner of cleaver things at the click of a mouse. Back then it was a dial-up connection and a rota to use the internet computer. Then came Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and we purchased version 1 of MS Expression Web. I remember sitting looking at the completely empty page and wondering what I had done, but I set to and learned enough about CSS to get going. Expression Web was OK, but no one I asked seemed to know anything about it, they all seemed to use Dreamweaver. I got an opportunity to move to Dreamweaver, I took it, and have been creating websites with Dreamweaver ever since, but of late not with the most recent version. Now the move to WordPress has arrived.

Enjoy our new website!

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