What You Say About Us

What You Say About Us

Thank you so much for my stay … it surpassed all my expectations – the love, the peace, the comfort, the company, the food …

As always, I have been carried by your prayer … and by all the little signs of kindness during my time here.  The knowledge that you are here, a still centre in the midst of so much busy-ness, sustains me through the year … A heartfelt “thank you”

The good, wholesome and very plentiful delicious food [made me] sleep well, walk well, and think, pray and read well!

Here in the silence and the song 
We are held
In the sacred ritual
And quiet corridors
Amidst the trees
And beside the stillness of the pond
God is revealed …

Thank you once again for what I experienced as an outstanding weekend …  Such a banquet for minds and hearts – and our bodies were well fed too.

The way that scripture and the rule have been woven together – always open to the specific application in the lives of each one of us – was so helpful.

I keep the lovely memory of us all in the room in Bec house, with the sun streaming in through the big windows, and the warmth of our companionship and understanding … you standing there saying “This is the Kingdom”.  And it was and remains so.  I feel so much more a part of the community, and I can take that part of the Kingdom within me wherever I go.

Thank you so much for a great weekend. It was wonderful to be in Turvey and it was very interesting to learn about the Our Father prayer from the different perspectives and in relation to St Benedict’s Rule brought to life with your personal insight! I have learned a great deal from this weekend … It was also very good to be with the other Oblates and to be able to join in the Offices.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend and the blessed depth of all you gave us. I left Turvey on Sunday feeling rebalanced: and my heart rewarmed and no longer “numb within me”

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