Love is his meaning.

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Today we’re celebrating the feast of the Sacred Heart, a feast focussed on the love that is the source of everything. Although she was writing long before this feast was established I always think Julian of captures the essence of it:
“Do you want to know what your Lord meant? Know well that love was what he meant. Who showed you this? Love. What did he show? Love Why did he show it to you? For love.”

Her words were going through my mind as I listened to this morning’s first reading from the prophet Hosea:
“I took them in my arms…I led them with reins of kindness, with leading strings of love.”

It’s one of my favourite passages of Scripture, it sums up for me all the love and tenderness God offers us on our journey through life. Looking back over all we’ve endured through the pandemic I’m struck by how much those leading strings of love have sustained us through the challenges and dark times.

As we stand on the brink of moving forward bruised, tired, anxious and uncertain, I’m aware of how much we still need those reins of kindness, the leading strings of love to draw us with love and tenderness into whatever the future holds for us.

How are you aware of Christ leading you with reins of kindness through the things you face?