Grafted onto Christ

Image by Bruno /Germany from

Today I’m reflecting on this from St John’s Gospel:

“I am the vine, you are the branches…”

It’s an image that’s full of riches and depth. It suggests a real intimacy and closeness, an entanglement even where it’s impossible to see where one part ends and another begins. As I reflected on this I came across this from St Cyril of Alexandria’s commentary:

“He told them in figurative language that he was the vine, and that the branches of the vine were those who were united with him…inserted and grafted into him so as to participate in his nature through receiving a share in the Holy Spirit; for we are made one with Christ the Saviour by his Holy Spirit.”

His words highlight the intimacy of Jesus’ image. He generously and graciously offers us the opportunity to be “grafted” onto him and to allow him to bring us into unity with him and with one another.

As we move through Eastertide how is the Risen Christ inviting you to allow yourself to be grafted into him?