What’s Wrong with the Clock?

What’s Wrong with the Clock?

Usually slightly fast or slightly slow, sadly, since spring 2021 the clock hasn’t been running.

Sr Benedict tried all the tricks that have helped in the past 40 years, since the Benedictine communities moved to Turvey, but to no avail, so we contacted a firm of clockmakers.

After due consideration, we have decided to accept the quotation of Smith of Derby, a well-known and reputable firm of clockmakers, whose conclusion is:–

The clock has not been serviced by Smith of Derby (or any other clock company to the best of our knowledge) for many years and the going side front and rear bushes on all the arbors require re-bushing.  The pivots require polishing and the second arbor bush on the time rear side of the clock is in such poor condition that it is causing the teeth and the main wheels leading out to the dial to seize up.  The clock dial would also benefit from restoration to return it to its former resplendence.

Smith of Derby

The cost for this work is a daunting £19,000

We very much want to get the clock back in working order, could you possibly help us with the cost?

The Clock

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