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Love in action.

Photo by Philipp Cordts on Unsplash

The coronation of King Charles has left me with much to reflect on. I’ve heard a variety of opinions expressed, from excitement to bafflement, from delighted support to outright disapproval. This was interesting and valuable; it highlights much that needs further discussion, reflection and action in our national life.

Today’s ceremony brings a different narrative to the fore, offering a deeper truth to underpin those necessary conversations. From the moment King Charles arrived at the Abbey the focus was service. Welcomed by a young chorister, saying:

“Your Majesty, as children of the kingdom of God we welcome you in the name of the King of kings.”

The King responds:

“In his name and after his example I come not to be served but to serve.”

Those few words begin the process of cutting through the pomp and ceremony, the display of the riches and wealth. The process continues through the ceremony, at each turn the King is reminded of his role as servant of the people of God. The Moderator of the Church of Scotland presents the Bible, telling him that it is “the most valuable thing this world affords”. In his sermon Archbishop of Canterbury carries on the theme of service saying:

“We are here to crown a king to serve…”

Echoing the gospel, he continues:

“Jesus Christ announced a Kingdom in which the poor and oppressed are freed from chains of injustice. The blind see. The bruised and broken-hearted are healed.”

His words are clearly directed to King Charles, yet it seems to me they are also addressed to each of us. They present each of us with a challenge. The Archbishop described service as “love in action”, this applies to each of us as much as it does to King Charles. To heal the brokenness in our society we are each called to serve those around us.

Where is Christ, the servant king, calling you to put love into action today?