Encounters that challenge and soothe

Image by Christine Sponchia from

Listening to today’s gospel I’m especially struck by how the disciples tell and retell the stories of the resurrection encounters. This repetition shares the stories with others and it gives them the opportunity to grapple with its meaning and how it changes their lives. In the midst of their grappling Jesus appears among them. Seeing their alarm he says to them:
“Why are you so agitated?…”

His words resonated with me partly because “agitated” is such a good description of this past year. In many ways it feels like we’ve moved from one form of agitation to another as we’ve tried to mitigate the effects of Covid 19 and the suffering and pain it has brought in its wake. Now, as we begin to move out of lockdown and look at what how life might be, the agitation and the grappling, continue.

Our circumstances make me feel very close to the disciples in their agitation and uncertainty. I’m touched and consoled by the way the risen Christ offers them peace, gently calming their fears and soothing their agitation. It seems to me that this is exactly what we need as this strange and unsettling time continues.

Where do you need the risen Christ to soothe your agitation this Eastertide?