Shaped by love.

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Today I’m revisiting one of the readings we had for the feast of St Peter. It’s from a homily by St John Chrysostom. He writes:
“The Lord said: ‘it is by your love for one another that everyone will know that you are my disciples.’ You see the mark of disciples is their way of life, not their miracles.”

Lent is always a good time for getting back to the basics of our faith, it invites us to discover the things that ground us. Nothing does that more effectively than love. It is by being people of love that we will come to be recognised as disciples of Christ. It seems to me that there are two elements of this love. There is, as St John says, our love for one another, that love grows from another love. It is underpinned and nurtured by our knowledge that we are the beloved children of the God. These two are so intimately linked that I don’t think it is possible to separate them. Lent is a good opportunity to rediscover that love, to allow it to enrich our lives and to share it with all those we meet.

As we move through Lent how is love enriching your life?